Early Rider is a British brand whose main objective is to manufacture the best bikes for children. These bikes are very light and designed to meet the highest demands of children.

Its components are of high quality to allow children effortless independent mobility without support wheels. Early Ride works with greater emphasis on every detail of its bikes.

They have different types of bicycles, from wooden bicycles to trials. The wooden ride-on bicycles have an innovative design that allows children between the ages of 2 and 5 to learn to ride a bike quickly and easily. Also, we can find runner bikes, one of the lightest children's bikes on the market.

For older children, Early Rider has different high-end models, with aluminum frames and integrated gears, perfect for ages 7 to 9. These models can be urban bikes and trial bikes.

If you want a light, comfortable, reliable and quality bicycle for your children, enter our online store and select the model that you like the most.