In 1990, the Conor bicycle brand began its professional career to contribute with its products to improve people's health, promoting the practice of sport and sustainable and innovative mobility.

Conor has mountain bikes, perfect for enjoying riding through forests and up and down uneven trails. If you love mountain bike routes, Conor bikes are very resistant, versatile and absorb vibrations from the road.
However, if you prefer touring bikes because you love to go around the city and want to contribute to the environment, Conor has a wide selection of urban bikes so that you can move around your city comfortably, thanks to its position and its design. .

In addition, with the Conor brand folding bicycle models, you can store them in any corner of your home, at work and you can transport it in other vehicles to be able to carry it with you at all times.

If you love speed and road routes, with Conor road bikes, you can train, ride and compete thanks to its aerodynamic design and its lightness, where you will take great speeds and enjoy this incredible sport professionally.

Finally, we do not forget the smallest of the house. Children's bikes are ideal to start discovering the fantastic world of sport. We know that finding the perfect bike for your child is not easy, but Conor has a lot of models of different sizes, according to age, different colors and different types, from ride-ons to mountain bikes.

All you need at a good price. Visit our online store, and discover the Conor bicycle catalog.