A Brompton is the ideal bike for the city.
It folds down to such a small and practical size that it can be transported in other forms of public and private transport. It can also be stored indoors (homes, offices, bars) making it much less likely to be stolen.

Its riding position and agility are more than a challenge for conventional bikes. Small wheels mean quick acceleration at traffic lights and increased maneuverability through the busiest streets.

With a steel frame, sturdy tires, handcrafted to the highest build quality, and a design that has been perfected over 25 years, Brompton bikes provide years of regular use around town and beyond.

Its clever design means the bike can be easily folded or unfolded in less than 20 seconds. When folded, the bike becomes a compact package, which can be easily carried or towed and stored almost anywhere. The chain and gears are in the center of the fold, which keeps it away from the clothes and prevents us from getting stained. Do not miss this video with the explanation of its folding.

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